Welcome to Balanced Expat!

Here you can find information, ask questions, and schedule consultations with Alexandre Auboin, French psychologist for French and English speakers in Amsterdam.
If you, or your loved one are currently experiencing psychological suffering and you would like to do something about it, you’re in the right place to meet a professional. One of the most important steps regarding the psychological pain is to ask for help and support so you could gain a new perspective on the issues.

The goals of  therapy or coaching are to allow the person to reach balance and independence and to reach personal life goals through support.

Any questions? Call me or contact me by email. I would be happy to help with your current situation.

Consultations are possible for:

  • ✔ adults
  • ✔ parents
  • ✔ teenagers/ Adolescents
  • ✔ families
  • ✔ groups (workshops, supervisions).

Consultations are proposed concerning various issues such as:

  • ✔ anxiety (trauma/PTSD, stress coping, panic attacks, burn-out, obsessions, social anxiety, etc.)
  • ✔ depression, grieving, self- esteem issues, suicidal thoughts
  • ✔ eating, sleeping disorders
  • ✔ addictions (alcohol or drugs, sex, video games or others)
  • ✔ family counseling, couple counseling
  • ✔ personality disorders
  • ✔ expatriation, cultural adaptation issues