Alexandre Auboin is a French clinician psychologist. He graduated with a Master’s degree in psychopathology and clinical psychology at the University of Rouen in Normandie.

He then took an additionnal training in cognitiv and behavioral therapy with the IFFHORTEC Institute in order to diversify his skills.

Alexandre Auboin also gave courses at the University of Rouen as a psychology teacher .

Back in France, he worked for several years at the Dieppe’s Hospital on the psychiatric ward, where he was responsible for patients diagnosis, and lead of individual and group therapy.

Mr Auboin is currently working part time in a post traumatic stress disorder unit, in a French Hospital.

He is regulary under the supervision of other psychologists in order to take perspective on his clinical practice.

Alexandre Auboin lived in Amsterdam since the beginning of 2017 and decided to help the expat community here in The Netherland

He mostly uses a cognitiv approach and person-centered therapy. He always adapts to the need of the person, and builds the relationship on common goals, trust and understanding.