What language do you use during sessions?
French and English.

Can i write you or call you to have more informations?
Yes, feel free to do it, I read my emails on a daily basis.

How to book an appointment?
Just give me a call, leave a message with your informations, or simply write me an email.

How long does a session take?
A session takes around 50 minutes.

Do i have to see you regulary?
It only depends on you. I can see you every week if you feel that you need this pace, or only every month if you think this is enough. You will be the judge for that, I only give you suggestions about it.

Is it possible to adapt the prices to my situation?
Yes, we can adapt the prices of the sessions to your current financial possibilities.

Can you come to my place for the consultation?
All the consultations are now happening online.

What about the professionnal secrecy?
I must respect the secrecy of the client, and am linked to the French ethic code of psychologists, and bound to the law regarding it.

Can I meet a psychiatrist in the same period i see you?
Of course yes, it can be an important help, and all the research suggest that the collaboration with different health professionnals brings better results.

I have troubles with my newborn/baby. Can i book an appointment with you?

For this kind of questions, i suggest that you contact a specialist in the box “resources”, just above. There you can find somebody to help you.

Do you organise training or group workshops for enterprises or professionals?
Yes I do, you can contact me to have more information or to request a specific subject.